Lafayette Parish traffic ticket lawyer Paul Massa

Paul Massa – Attorney at Law

Louisiana Bar #20940
New Orleans, Louisiana

Mailing Address
PO Box 19706 New Orleans, LA 70179-0706

“I don’t guarantee an outcome in a case,  I guarantee client satisfaction” – Paul Massa

Paul Massa is a Louisiana traffic ticket attorney who lives in New Orleans. He defends traffic tickets, hit and run investigations, DPS license suspension or revocation proceedings, and DWI’s, driving while license suspended, CDL’s occupational driver’s licenses and other Municipal and State criminal cases.

He also handles motor vehicle accident cases, whether at fault or not, injured or uninjured, and all other kinds of injury or death cases.

Paul can get your traffic ticket arrest warrants recalled, and get you, a loved one, or friend released from jail.

He accepts major credit cards through Western Union and money orders from Walmart or convenience stores and personal checks and money orders via the U.S. Postal Service.

Paul offers turnkey settlement services to keep your driving record clear without your appearance in court. His legal services include; contacting the court, the prosecutor and/or the court personnel on your behalf; working with you to put together any evidence required; negotiating a resolution subject to your approval; handling the paperwork and financial considerations such as payment for any court costs, fines or contempt fees.

I can help you no matter where you are located, and no matter what court your ticket is in. Please contact me now for a free consultation to explore your options.